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Hello friends,

Everyone loves mystery and one of the mysterious things is what girls carry in their bags. We love handbags and one can find almost everything in the world we can think of when going through a women’s bag. But when we have to dig in even for a bunch of keys it takes us forever to find it (your guy must have definitely teased you on that). And then when we have to change bags we are certain to leave behind something at home because (lets be frank) we are almost always in a hurry and forget to transfer something from one bag to the other.

So, I thought of a way to make this task easier for all of you. My trick is to carry small pouches for different purposes which makes it organized and easier to find things .

I never ever leave the house without my makeup pouch from Mac which constitutes of a couple of lipsticks, a roll on perfume, eye pencil, mascara, blush, compact, a concealer, hand cream and a oil absorbing paper (since i have a super oily skin).


All the credit and debit cards along with the money go into my purse which is quite spacious to accommodate all of it.


All the miscellaneous items like the iPod , keys, pen, sticky sheet, mouth refresher, hand sanitizer etc. goes into my miscellaneous items pouch.


All these pouches go into my main purse along with my sunglass, phone (every bag has a small pocket for your phone ), a bottle of water (I prefer to carry a bottle of water wherever i go ) and either the kindle or the iPad .


This makes it easier to find things in the bag and relieves the headache of transferring things from one bag to another .

Hope all you ladies out there found this post useful. Make sure to leave comments underneath if you did or if you have any questions regarding it.

Till next time

xoxo Mahua.

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