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All that Glitters !!!

Hello Friends,


With New Year Eve around the corner you must be wondering what to wear for the wonderful night which brings an end to the fabulous 2013 and marks the start of amazing 2014. Well, there can never be a better occasion to wear a sequined or a metallic outfit. I understand that it might not be everyone’s taste but u can definitely carry at least one item that glitters and shine your way into the New Year. Here are some ideas to help you come out of the dilemma –

A sequin dress can make you shine and look trendy at the same time !!!

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If you don’t want to go all the way, a touch of glitter by wearing a sequined skirt could glam you up and make you look chic!!!

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If u plan to wear a solid color like black or red you could accessorize it with a fabulous pair of heels with sparkle or a gorgeous clutch to give that oomph factor!!!!

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It is said that metallic is the new black…so don’t be afraid girls…go ahead and add that sheen to your wardrobe!!!


As for me , wait for my next post to see what I am going to wear this NYE !!! Till then stay fabulous and keep smiling !!!!

XOXO Mahua


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